Agile Life Adventures
O Beloved, Come with Me!                  Message of Unrelenting
I want to Witness NON-Discrimination
The sighs of your Dreams...

The Watchfire of Love

Come, and experience your own heart filled with a fire that never seeks to consume, but only desires to grow more helpfully hopeful, and more ineffably brighter as time goes by, so that YOU can know that YOU are Worthy of Love... FOREVER!  

Let our Master Coach Dana show YOU The Way of Conscious Discipline that unlocks The Door of Eternal Love in your own mind, and leads YOU toward discovering your own particular pathway of Agility & Goodwill in your own life, so that you can finally feel safe enough, and masterful enough to reach out, and allow yourself to be vulnerable to those around YOU for Mercy's Sake, because YOU know, deep within your soul that this is the only reliable way to live more abundantly, just a little more abundantly, each & every day, even unto... FOREVER!

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