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When We We Play Golf.

We play a particular kind of golf called a Scramble, in which a team of four golfers all take a shot from the same starting location (called the "tee"), and then choose which of the four shots to use as the location to play the next shot from as they try to put a movable token into a stationary goal (called a "hole"). And we continue to do this until all of the holes in a round are played. 

We play nine holes in all, and the team with the least number of shots overall wins.

After you sign up, you can choose whether to be a traditional golfer, or a disc golfer.  Both games work the same way, only disc golf is played with a flying disc that you throw into a stationary basket as your target hole, and traditional golf is played with a little white ball that you hit into a stationary hole in the ground as your target hole.

Because these are team sports, that are meant to be a framework for the rest of what we do as teams, there are some requirements of engaging inclusively that each team must meet as they make their rounds with two teams playing together on one hole at the same time (yes, eight people playing on each hole).

And because we don't want to take forever in the playing of the golf, so that we can get on to the other good things that we do together, we use a shotgun start, in which 18 team are deployed to all nine holes to be played in one round at the same starting time, and then we blow a horn, instead of the traditional shotgun, to signal the start.

The rules of engaging inclusively require that at least one tee shot by each player be used as the shot that counts during the course of each round, at least one intermediate shot (played between the tee shot, and the hole hitting shot) be used in a like manner for each round, and at least one hole hitting shot be used in the same way for each round as well.  This means that 12 shots of each round must be distributed in this way among the four members of each team, or the team shall be disqualified for that round.

Otherwise, the rules for what is known as "lift, clean, and place" golf (no matter where each shot is played from) are followed, and enforced by the local coach, and those deputized to make rulings by that coach.

As the numbers of those who grow, we will add tournaments, trophies, and other awards, with the ultimate goal of playing a yearly contest at Disney World, in Orlando, Florida, during the two week period surrounding September 11 as our Peacemakers Day Tournament, at which  regional winners will be invited to play, all expenses paid.

US Tournament Organization:

36 regions in the US

36 districts per region (top 2 teams advance to national tournament)

14 to 18 leagues per district (top 2 teams advance to regional tournaments)

14 parish teams per league (top 4 teams advance to district tournaments)

US Tournament Format:

1 Team Winner on First Sunday

18 Teams Compete on Sunday

36 Teams Compete on Saturday (lowest scores from Thursday/Friday per closest to the hole tie-breakers)

Up to 72 Teams Compete on Friday (switch 36 front nine/36 back nine)

Up to 72 Teams Compete on Thursday (36 front nine/36 back nine)

US Schedule:

Regular League Play Begins No Earlier Than First Saturday After Sept 11

Local League Play Ends On, or Before Seventh Sunday Before Sept 11

District Tournament Ends on Sixth Sunday Before Sept 11

Regional Tournament Ends on Third Sunday Before Sept 11

National Tournament Ends on First Sunday After Sept 11