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The sighs of your Dreams...


JOIN UP & Let's Party for Mercy's Sake Just Like Never Before!


When We We Make Plans for the Future.

The whole point of learning how to play well together is learning how to dream together, and how to work well together, so that we are able to help those around us to the greatest extent possible.

We do that when we Help Mercy Abound with the Agility of Grace.
And before we Help Mercy Abound, each & every day, we sit down after our golf games every Saturday Morning, and we ask ourselves...

What went well last week?
What didn't go so well?
What do we want to be able to do about that?
What help do we need in getting that done?

And we write these things as storie upon our Walls of Sorrow, so that we can turn these stories around, and turn our Walls of Sorrow into Bridges to Tomorrow as we work together toward making it happen during the next week.
The Walls of Sorrow upon which we write are segmented into seven categories along the lines of the seven Corporal Acts of Mercy we intend to make happen during the week to come, these being:

  1. Feeding the Hungry
  2. Giving Water to the Thirsty
  3. Clothing the Naked
  4. Providing Open Migration to Welcoming Homes for All
  5. Providing Healthcare for All
  6. Swarming to the Assistance of All Who are Blocked from Becoming the Best Version of Themselves Possible
  7. Burying All Who Have Died with Dignity & Kind Remembrance

And we ensure that each of these focus areas is covered by a pair of Scramble Teams from our parish, so that we are never left without someone to help. Each team is populated by eight, or more members who are at least Basic Subscription Members, and who serve in the following roles:

  • One Product Owner on the Team A, and one backup on Team B, who work as a pair to prioritize our stories to help us execute them in the most effective & timely manner possible.

  • One Scrum Coordinator on Team A, and one backup on Team B, who work as a pair to plan weekly ceremonies that help our team to dream, believe, dare and do; and who work together to serve as the master of all the ceremonies we hold.

  • One Delivery Coordinator on Team A, and one backup on Team B, who work as a pair to recruit, and organize a number of volunteer workers to make happen what the team dreams of making happen. Note: All volunteers who become Basic Subscription Members are also invited to play for the team during league, and tournament play as sanctioned substitutes, so each team is encouraged to maintain the appropriate number of substitutes that would ensure continuous league play in the case of regular team members being absent.

  • One Communications Coordinator on Team A, and one backup on Team B, who ensures that the work of our team is made known outside of both the team space, and the space, and into the rest of world.