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Every now, and then you come upon an absolutely useful tool for dealing with any context in which you might find yourself. 

And Wild Bill’s JanuScope Device is one such tool. 

After thinking a bit about how to best help his team-to-be at Freddie Mac find the best purpose in their upcoming work together, Cynefin provided Wild Bill with the guide star for his journey to FOREVER, while the corresponding practices of mindfulness from Freddie Mac’s basic training pack provided the synthetic hyperspace links to guide his starship of thought safely out of its everyday harbor, and back home to port again under the auspices of his newly minted JanuScope Device. 

What we all gained from Wild Bill’s journey into the mind’s eye beyond our typically articulated space-time continuum was a framework for a series of hyper-linked tools that can be customized to the shape of the data that undergirds the network of any organization’s delivery taxonomy, while still maintaining fidelity to the six essential, and immutable dimensions that must be served all at once in order for the value of any delivery of Mercy to be properly realized both in this life that is all too often colored by sorrows, and in this world that is all too often filled with changes that lead to chaos, and overbearing complexity, so that the precipitously predictable risk of falling into the pit of uncertainty, and the inevitably predictable experience of lacking progressive sustainability can be avoided, simply because the discipline of seeing these these six essential dimensions simultaneously has been analyzed, quantified, and inculturated.


In the upper right quadrant of the Cynefin diagram associated with Delivering Results of Value we synthesize:

Availability as the essential metric of Mercy to mitigate the risks of Complication.

(Then, moving in an S-curve to the right, then down through the middle to the left, and then back to the right, we synthesize the following metrics, respectively.)

Affordability for Engaging Inclusively to mitigate the risk of Complexity. 

Accessibility for the Absolute Mitigation of Mercy we need to cover the Absolute Vulnerability we would otherwise experience for Always Challenging with Care.

Easy to Get for mitigating the risk of Commoditization by Always Increasing Our Spirit Innovation. 

Safety for mitigating the risk of “Falling Off The Cliff” due to paradigm shifts (cf. The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn). And...

Stickiness for mitigating the risk of Chaos with evermore Candid Communication. 

Applying the attribute of being Crazy Good to each dimension, we thus produce the following positive directional indicators which we seek to always demonstrate by using a JanuScope Device in any organizational context with regard to any product we attempt to realize with Grace, and Agility. In short, we want to be able to make our product:

Highly Available

Easily Affordable

Widely Accessible

Easy to Get

Absolutely Safe, and...

Delightfully Sticky

Therefore, if you are experiencing lags in you sustainability, and unmanageable blockers for your progressive attitude toward Agility, give Wild Bill a call at 855-999-0054, or drop him a line via, because William, Wild Bill, and the executive Agile mindset that can be attained with the proper application of a JanuScope are all his middle name.


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