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The sighs of your Dreams...

Here we are: Irene & Grant... ¡Hola! Hello! 

This is us adventuring high above NYC on our Honeymoon in June of 2018.  

Now we invite you, Our Neighbors, to join us on our first Joint Quest as you

Help Us Deliver Happiness 

to our Neighborhoods, and then...

Around the World!

  Cool JOIN THE SHOW! Cool  


Welcome to our show, everyone… Our HAPPINESS QUEST IS A continuation of the Unfolding of Grace that began as, and continues on as with as our chosen ticket vendor.

This is Grant writing to you as The Founder, and CEO of all of these, and many other related “.com” properties that may have guided you with Amazing Grace to this particular spot on the highway of the Internet, except, of course, which is the brainchild of former Apple design master, and fellow practitioner of people-centric design that is at the heart of all of!

Your HELP is WANTED, is personally coveted by me, and shall always be infinitely appreciated by The Little Mustard Seed at the bottom of my heart.

So please, JOIN US on Our QUEST FOR HAPPINESS today.  As Shakespeare said in the super-condensed, and poetically-licensed form of As You Like The Merchant of Venice, the world is a stage, and there are many roles of AMAZING for us to play upon that stage, everyday.  

These are listed after my preamble, that immediately follows…

So, if you are the “just get to the meat” type, or have been here before, then CLICK HERE to go directly to the role descriptions and take action to JOIN US TODAY!

And if you did not click on, and are still with me here, then…

I’M GLAD YOU CAME, because TODAY I INVITE  YOU TO  CHANGE YOU PERSPECTIVE on life...FOREVER...and I hope I can encourage you to gather home with me toward our permanent home of Blissful Happiness, and Eternal Peace...

And I ask you to ask the Little Mustard Seed of faithful hope inside your own heart... 

What if every show that is our daily life we ever put on actually spread happiness by feed people who die without our the rate of one...every....four....seconds...?

[That’s between 3 and 4 people who have died in just the time it has taken you to read this far, and about 15 for every average Tweet we send.]

And what if every show, and every Tweet we ever had a part in offered the opportunity for every guest in the audience of our life’s work to become part of this delivery of our happiness?

And what if this amazing performance of our shared, catharsis-inducing offerings of our everyday artful craft of charity gave hope to us all, by giving hope to those who need us the most?

And what if the faith exhibited by this catharsis CHANGED US, and CHANGED THE WORLD around us right now, TODAY, and EVERYDAY to DO MORE BETTER, and to make this world we share a better, brighter place for us all to live, and to LOVE IN, forever?

And what if we called this LOVE-IN:!

Then THIS would be my QUEST!

And I invite you to make it yours, and thus… MAKE HAPPINESS YOURS FOR FREE!

Because as the Founder of it is my purpose to help our cast members, our neighbors, our guests, and our amazingly fervent supporting friends we serve to find The Little Mustard Seed of Infinite Happiness inside of their own hearts by allowing him to do his job of Gathering Us Home toward Bliss, showing us how to level the mountains that block our way there, and turning our fearsomely shadowed valleys into highways of abundantly bright joy by encouraging each, and every one of us along our way with our shared Agility of Amazing Grace as we JOIN IN OUR SHARED QUEST FOR EXCELLENCE, AND ULTIMATE HAPPINESS which shall one day manifest itself in… 


That it is why it is the daily prayer of my mind, body, and soul to: 

Put on a SHOW of AMAZING ICE for PEOPLE with Thirsty Hearts

So that they may HEAR THE SONG OF MERCY In My Heart 






Because none of us is here simply to “make it through life as quietly as we can with as many toys as we can grab,” we are here to help each other to celebrate, and to MAGNIFY THE INFINITY OF GOD by offering what we can uniquely share with each other to complete the bliss of what another may lack, so that, together, we form a merciful whole that is amazingly greater than the sum of us all.

None of us is meant to be an island of personal accretions, and frozen resources, but rather, we are all meant to grow together, by SHARING FREELY what we have, and receiving what others can offer us to complete us as SHARED INFINITIES OF HAPPINESS IN UNITY.

This is the part, and parcel of the entire Bible.

This is the Promise of Golden Creativity we we broke in the Garden of Eden by seeking the knowledge of good, and of evil.

This is the promise we break every time we let OPML thinking cloud our minds with the idea that others must lose in order for one of us to win.

AND… This is the GOSPEL OF OUR LORD MERCY in one sentence...

Because when we, instead, grow together in the Knowledge of Agility that is Grace by Eating Jesus as Mercy for Breakfast, and then Serving Jesus as Mercy to Our Jesus-eyed Neighbors as “Dessert First”, we fulfill the will of Our Father in Heaven, and we find HAPPINESS both here on this OPML-forsaken Earth, and at the hour of our death, when we are certain to “Meet Our Maker” at his "as certain as death, and taxes" Great White Throne of Judgement.

And if we have taken the steps to find our infinity of happiness here on this mortal coil, and grow together with the others who have as well, then he has promised to call us his right-hand sheep, and shepherd us home with him to Bliss.  

[And for those who can’t take these simple steps in this life, he can offer only the left hand of eternal self-inflicted dissipation, and damnation, without any chance at knowing happiness, forever, and ever, and ever]

So, it’s pretty much grow together with, or die an eternal death.

And that is my absolute bottom line for why I invite you to join me…

So that we might grow together in to prove our desires, and aspirations, and attestations, and protestations for forgiveness 

And escape the fires of Hell…

And be led to Heaven by Mercy…

Even the least one of us… ME… who is the one most in need of that Mercy as well…

That we may be led by the blood, and sweat, and tears of our brows as we work together with Faith, and Hope, and grow together with the Charitable Agility of Amazing Grace to make our world, a better, and brighter place for us all, no matter where we have come from, what we have been taught so far, what faith tradition we currently practice, or what position along our journey we currently observe.

Yes… I ask you to help me, because I literally need you to help me REACH FOR HAPPINESS, just as much as you need me, and all of our neighbors mutually need us all as well, as Jesus prayed, just before the guards took him away to be crucified…


So, as we grow together to HELP MERCY ABOUND, I hope to make our one “THUS” of sustainably feeding 8 Million People an ever-growing series of many a “THEREFORE” as we work together with Agility to make the Seven Corporal Mercies Jesus charged us with in Matthew 25 a progressively greater reality in this world in the course of our shared lives together, and THUS, and THEREFORE be invited by him to join him in Holy, Eternal Divine Matrimony as his Literal Bride, Kecharitomene, “She who is overflowing with Grace,” with Mary as Our Queen of Grace…

When we are literally MADE ANEW, by the fiat of Jesus’ right hand into the Multi-Personal BRIDE of ELOHIM, The LORD GOD, King of Heaven, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Who Is, and Who Was, and Who Is To Come as the Ever-loving Holy Body, Holy Blood, Holy Soul, and Holy Divinity of HAPPINESS Personified, forever, and ever, and ever.

That is the amazing purpose of my everyday busy-ness of commerce with you, and I hope that you will make it the amazing purpose of your everyday commercial business with others as well, so that, together, we may join each other in the Creative Golden Promise of our Grace-filled Happiness Quest every day.

And I hope you will join me with Amazing Grace in making this Quest of Amazing Agility your shared quest with me. 

Because as with all quests, all of the windmills on all of the mountains along our winding sojourn of this particular path by which we gather toward our heavenly home of Divine Intercourse with an Ever-loving God are much bigger than me. 

So I, sincerely, need your help to follow my Dream Star home to the everlasting with The Queen of Grace that I had the blessing to just barely glimpse at my Baptism.

And I need YOU to help me to fully Join the Queen of Grace in completing the picture of our success, and finishing our quest with delightful charity. 

Because YOU complete the picture…


You make the distant star I hear, and see, and long to touch with Divine Intimacy... on Earth, for not just me, but for all of us.

And as I say in my own pidginized Spanish, as a riff on what Pope Francis mused about the work of God beyond the constraints of time…


May we love as Elohim has loved, with Humility, and Grace, and keep on loving each other as Dodecahedral Tesseracts of Infinite Happiness forever in the Ineffable Light of his Eternal Amazing Rainbow of Grace (which I have literally seen, and will be happy to tell you about, but not here, because we would need hours, and either coffee, or beer, or both)

But rest assured, that GOD LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE. (I've seen it!)

And rest assured that…


AND you are the one I am waiting for.

AND if you can hear that Little Mustard Seed of well willing action beginning to sing from the bottom of your own heart now…

THEN I invite you to answer the longing of that song of Divine Mercy, with what I now need your help in DOING WELL... LET US DO MORE BETTER TOGETHER, EACH, AND EVERY DAYwith

THESE are the AMAZING ROLES I invite you to fill:

Delightful Guest as AMAZING HAPPINESS VENUE PATRON: In which you shall help to feed Millions each year by buying a ticket to the simultaneous grand opening of the first two permanent installments of our little Mercipalooza Show of the Agile Point of Happiness as Rita’s Italian Ice Shops with a Peaceful Purpose in the Oldest US Capital City of Happiness, Sandusky, OH, and the Reigning World Champion City of Happiness, Orlando, FL; from which we shall launch our never-ending Mercipalooza World Tour, and which we shall build together by the strength of your admission fees, and continued Patronage of Happiness as we deploy more Agile Points of Happiness, build more Rita’s together, and operate the sustainable, movable feast of’s traveling troupe at a scale that is normally reserved for Papal visits, and aging Rock Stars. And, as a “thank you” for your kind patronage, for every ticket you buy, you shall receive a Baker’s Dozen of delicious treats of Happiness when you bring a neighbor, and BOGO together. This alone is WORTH MORE THAN THE PRICE OF ADMISSION!  So, BUY NOW your MERCIPALOOZA TICKETS at MERCIPALOOZA.COM, and we will make sure your HAPPINESS FOLLOWS YOU HOME with your Neighbors.  



Delightful Guest as AMAZING HAPPINESS VENUE CROSS-PROMOTING FRIEND:  In which either you, as an amazing individual, or your group of ten or more joins us as an Amazing MERCIPALOOZA! Member to reap the benefits of our Inside Track.  You will get cross-promotion of your own Happiness-inducing endeavor, a bag of tickets appropriate to the size of your membership gift to use for your own promotional, and neighbors purposes, and special invitations to our camaraderie building events that pop up into our minds from time to time, one of which is an invitation to join us at our yearly Gala that we intend to hold at Disney each year in co-celebration with Nobel Peace Prize Awards as the capstone of our “Perpetual Global 3on3 Basketball Pentathlon Tournament to Sustainably Feed Millions of Impoverished, and Otherwise Starving People Each Year, Spread the Happiness of World Peace, and Do More Better Each, and Every Day So That We May All Work Together to Make the World a Better, Brighter Place to Live In, and to Love In for Us All,” which is a long name, so let’s just call it… “The 3on3 Tournament,” and keep in our mind, that it’s a coopetition in which we compete so that, together, we can achieve Happiness, and World Peace in our time.

CLICK HERE to become... An Amazing MERCIPALOOZA! Club Member

Delightful Guests As ICE POP EATER: When you see our infinitely mobile show as The Agile Point of Happiness roll your way, please stop by to enjoy our Merry Band, Take Your Seat with Mercy,  Take Your Seat with Just-Right Peace, and feed one child for one day by exchanging a couple of US Dollars with us for one delightful little Watermelon Ice Pop. And we shall send $0.20 to for each pop you buy to feed that one child for a day. So help our quest, BUY an ICE POPS when you meet us on the byways of our shared life. 

SOON, you will be able to click here to see our likely coordinates each day.

AMAZING 3on3 POINT PERSON: Everyone who competes in, and supports this continual, global event is a point person.  And something this large, deserves its own page.  So, if you are interested in becoming a 3on3 Point Person...

SOON, you will be able to CLICK HERE (but do come back to see what other Infinities of Happiness there are for you to be on down this page).

AMAZING VOLUNTEER HAPPINESS PACKER This is a FREE role, because it only costs you a bit of time, in which you shall venture forth from your point of happiness to offer a couple hours of your time to bag food in our perpetual “Join The Pack” events conducted by the stewards of our Little Mustard Seed Factories, which shall be will be co-hosted in our permanent Rita’s locations, and found in the Parish Fellowship Halls of Catholic Faith Communities nearby the location of our Agile Points Ice Jamborees.  When you visit us at an Agile Point of Happiness, we will point you the way to the closest factory.  And, if you help to build, and visit our permanent Rita’s venues by becoming an Amazing Happiness Venue Patron, then you will be able to bag some food after you have enjoyed your own Treats of Happiness with us.  

SOON, you will be able to click here to see where you can volunteer each day to join the pack.

AMAZING LMS FACTORY ORGANIZER Although all are welcome to apply, this is a volunteer role best filled by someone who is active in their local Catholic parish, because you will be coordinating the exclusive use of a fellowship hall room to set-up for the bagging of Manna Packs according to the guidelines, and perhaps face-to-face guidance of amazing members of the, and staff.

Email us

AMAZING FORMER HAPPINESS PROTESTER — FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.  For this role, you will read, and learn to live like a child again, by practicing the ethos of The Little Mustard Seed Starter Pack Trilogy, which as we said, is FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.  Although to study for this role, we do suggest that you first buy Matt Kelly’s book Resisting Happiness for $5 US Dollars, plus shipping from us.  When you get to chapter 33, you will inevitably begin to ask yourself what to do next.  And for that, we have a solution:  Practice the Rosary of Agility with by doing what the poetry, prose, images, and real-world thought exercises help you to do!  This is the same Agility that you may be trying to accomplish at your factory, or office, or other place of work, that can be extended to any facet of your life as a unifying ethos to Help Mercy Abound.  That’s where the Rosary, and the children’s poems, and Shamanistic Image Layering, and the blank spaces for you to add your own thoughts, and hopes, and dreams, and the practical, step-by-step instruction for turning the walls of your life into bridges to a better, brighter future for us all come in.  Because if you listen to the dreams your heart is dreaming, seek out others to help you make your dreams come true, and then collaborate with all your heart toward our shared purpose of HAPPINESS, you will find infinitely amazing ways to make your dreams come true.  That’s not just a Disney slogan, that’s the reality of The Agility of Amazing Grace you will find inside The Little Mustard Seed Stater Pack Trilogy, which…did we mention… is FREE for Kindle Unlimited Subscribers.  


Amazing-Extra-Special-Extra Who Wants to Do More Better Today, and Everyday — Because nobody is merely an “extra” with  To go beyond the Starter Pack, and beyond the humdrum of the everyday, and become the Amazing Extra-Special when you Do More Better Each, and Every Day, you will want to do what you do with more context for using your new tools of Agility.  To keep headed in the right direction, and stay on the rose garden path, while avoiding a majority of the thorns, we have an additional bibliography to suggest, but only if you follow the link you find at the end of the Starter Pack Trilogy books.  They won’t make any sense until after you have spent some time with Matt Kelly, Your Dreams, Mary, Queen of Grace, Your Trusted Loved Ones, Your Own Backlog of “To Dos”, and the Little Mustard Seed musings of Grant William Shull.  So, go now, get on your way to downloading The Little Mustard Seed Starter Pack Trilogy, which IS FREE FOR KINDLE UNLIMITED SUBSCRIBERS, and available in paper-back for when you want to have a ready workbook for each one of your collaborators. 


Amazingly Purposeful Agility Seeker — attend workshops for home, church, community square, work, or play in your home town, or in our sunny home here in Orlando.  If you visit us here, we will combine a Disney vacation with a purpose for Happiness that even Walt didn’t dream up.  And if you want to stay home, we will bring the show to you.  In any case,  you will your way to HAPPINESS because of it!

Email us at...

Amazing Agile Vacation Adventurer with a Purpose — Come and spend a week in Orlando with us, and we will help you find the specific roads your signing Little Mustard Seed is guiding you toward in your dreams.

Email us at…

Amazing Dodecahedral Tesseract Tender (one of my favorites) — Watch the LMS Twitter Feed, and spring into action when help is needed, by searching Twitter and filtering for the “Latest” #MAMMACCZZZZZZZZZ posts, where CC is your two-letter ISO country code, and ZZZZZZZZZ is up to nine characters of a valid postal code for your country (for the US, use only the first five).  For example, at, we monitor #MAMMAUS32837, our home US ZIP CODE, where you will find our initial tweet using the standard.  Because…as Jesus taught us in his parables of The Kingdom of Heaven, by Grace, every person is made every other person’s rich aunt or uncle, and every person is every other person’s poor neighbor to test the merit of their Mercy, so that he can make a right/left decision when the time comes.  And, think about it for a moment, if you are facing Jesus at the Great White Throne of Justice, and asking for Mercy, in order to be on his right, you must moderately lean to the left of your natural OPML-driven humanity.  This is not just a political thought, it’s the reality of TRUE HAPPINESS.  And that’s what being a DTT is all about.  Find out who needs the help, and then engage liberally to the left, and not tell your conservative, scarcity driven, power-hungry, authoritarian right hand what you are doing.  And you will find your Isaac, the Laughter in the Law that will bless you with the Manna that will get you through any desert you may encounter.  Be a wise steward, and freely give away what is ultimate not yours anyway for the mutual benefit of your Mercy, which Shakespeare says is not (con)strained, and droppeth from Heaven to bless both the giver, and the one who receives.  That’s the Tesseract inside the White Dodecahedral Stone of Heaven.  That’s the Little Mustard Seed of Grace inside your heart put their by your baptism, and fertilized by the Holy Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of the Eucharist.  And, that’s the secret of your name which only you and Elohim, The Community of Our One, and Only Wise God of Eternal Mercy, knows and thus, allows us all to endure forever in the Context of the Great Hallel of the Shabat of the Peach Seder, the celebration cup of which we will with our Mercy toward God, and toward one-another, and the cup that Jesus shall only drink when the “fullness of our charity” has been accomplished through the outpouring of our (Psalm 136 [135 DRA]) 

Email us at…

Amazing Parish Maker — Be the point person to organize, and run an LMS Factory in your Parish to bag food, teach volunteers how to best contribute with dignity when they raise their hand to help in your CCZZZZZZZZZ geography, and thank them with prayers of blessing as they depart the factory.  Do the same to organize your local Parish Team by applying Maker City principals to ALL of the people who live in your parish, and, becoming the next big "Silicon Valley" story of entrepreneurism.  It is recommended that you study Maker City case studies, and then acquire the FREE (for Kindle Unlimited Subcribers)...THE LITTLE MUSTARD SEED STARTER PACK TRILOGY...AND THEN

Email us at…

Amazing Parish Master of Ceremonies — Be the Agility Coach that helps keep all the Maker Parish teams moving. This is where my certification as a Certified Agile Leader by Agility for All comes in handy.  If your team could be more agile, give me a jingle at 

Merry Band Member — If you are musically inclined, and want to Help Mercy Abound through the gift of your songs, then...

Email us at  

Please do note that, as with many venues, this is a tips & exposure only gig, and as with all things by which Grace amazes us, you never know exactly where expanding your context with something like this may lead.  So Go BTFI, and come celebrate in song with us as we walk the Agile Point of Happiness together. 

Email to…

Merry Band Promoter — This is a cast member position in which you shall recruit, coordinate, and blog about who is going to be where when so that Grace may shine brightly upon us all, and later in life we can look back and say, “I knew them when…” 


Amazing Point Maker — You vend the ice pops at the Agile Points, and the treats at our Fixed Venues, in four sub-roles of Master of Ceremonies, Money Taker, Product Supplier, Supply Runner, and one common role of Amazing Ice Pop Maker in an Agile,  self-organizing team for Maximum Happiness. We supply the freezer, signage, umbrellas, loveseats, and initial pop making supplies you will need. You keep the enterprise going by welcoming your Delightful Guests, and coordinating with your Merry Band, your Sojourners, and your Priests, negotiating, and blogging your locations, and making more treats, and ordering more back-up products as your Delightful Guests consume what you make. 

Email to…

Amazing Point Translator — You shall be the guardian of the privacy of the Do More Better Box at each Agile Point of Happiness, Permanent Venue, or World Tour Stop, who transcribes all of the Little Mustard Seed Do More Better Requests for Help into the standard.

Email to…

Real-and-Present PRIEST OF DIVINE MERCY AND AMAZING GRACE — Just like it sounds, this is a Catholic Priest who is ready, willing, and able to take his show on the road to do what he is called to do while setting in the Loveseat of Mercy at one of our Agile Points, Fixed Venues, or World Tour Locations. 

Email us

Volunteer Sojourner of Amazing Right-Just Peace — If the other seat is manned by a priest, think of this one being held down by a “Mother Teresa” type.  Where our priest will focus on the Seven Spiritual Acts of Mercy, our Sojourner is focused on listening to the help people need to get to the place of social justice they seek for both themselves, and as a contribution to the lives of others, and then guiding them to get there ie Mother Teresa's Prescription ( 

Email us

The Amazing MERCIPALOOZA! Master of Ceremonies — Learn to do my job, beginning with helping to perfect this script, by making it work for your own use.  

Email us at

Amazing Point Roadie — You will help get the ice cart, and umbrellas to the next venue, get things set up, repair/replace what breaks, and be an all-around helpful person.  

Email us at…

Amazing Parish Roadie — To organize other parish roles in getting the factories set up, ready to go, break-fix, troubleshoot, and get the finished products of Mercy on the way to  

Email us at…


And we have the vision to know that we will need these roles, but are open to you helping us to define what you will do in them.  As Zander and Zander encourage us, give yourselves an “A” in an email, and we will turn you loose in your new role.

Email us

World Tour Planner

World Tour Promoter

Singer/Song Writer in General

Assistant Lyricist for The Queen of Grace (A Broadway Musical Extravaganza Celebrating the Rosary with the Music of Today!)

Choreographer for The Queen of Grace

Scenographer Artist for The Queen of Grace

Synesthetic Visual Sound Painter for The Queen of Grace 

Assistant Playwright for the Queen of Grace

Director for The Queen of Grace

Producer for The Queen of Grace

Promoter for The Queen of Grace

Crew for The Queen of Grace

Set Construction/Maintenance Engineer for The Queen of Grace

Set Lighting Engineer/Gaffer for The Queen of Grace

Stage Performer for The Queen of Grace — Triple Threat Artists for dance, song, and drama

Parish Engineer — Practical Robotics for producing Manna Packs automatically at the stationary Rita’s locations, and making the assembly line mobile, so that it can travel to parish locations on a daily basis.  Email to…

Manna Line Feeder

Manna Line QA Checker

Manna Line Box Mover

Manna Line Trailer Packer



CEO & President



CMO (Marketing)

CSO (Sales)



CCO (Central Charitable Officer)

VP of Charitable Food Delivery

VP of Charitable Water Delivery

VP of Charitable Clothing Delivery

VP of Charitable Alien Welcome & Homeless Shelter Delivery

Director of Alien Welcome Delivery

Director of Homeless Shelter Delivery

VP of Charitable Health Care Delivery

VP of Charitable Social Justice Delivery

Senior Director of Dignifying Prisoner Visitation Delivery

Senior Director of Dignifying Education Delivery

Senior Director of Dignifying & Liberating Social Justice Delivery

Senior Director of Dignifying Logistics & Transportation Delivery

Senior Director of Dignifying Work Training Delivery

Senior Director of Dignifying Communications Delivery

CSA (Central Spiritual Adviser)

VP of Prayer Delivery for the Living & the Dead

Senior Director of The Dodecahedral Tesseract Message Delivery

Senior Director of Rosary Delivery

Senior Directory of Memorial Prayer Delivery

Senior Director of Prayerful Impact Accounting

VP of Comforting Gesture Delivery

VP of Forbearance Delivery

VP of Internal Forgiveness

VP of Internal Admonishment

VP of Internal Counseling

VP of Internal Instructional Delivery

CSO (Central Show Officer)

And many more… Just tell us what we are missing, and how you would fill the need.  Then let’s see where our collaboration in takes us!

Email us