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Business Transformation FOREVER

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You may have seen an ad, or received a letter like this inviting you here...

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Transform Your Business with The Agility of Grace.

Help Mercy Abound.

Change the World for the Better. 

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Learn how to Humanize Your Workplace as you become ever-better at Delivering Results that produce Divine Delight, and Abundant Returns.

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Offered as an Agile Life Adventures Enterprise of Fitness Interface LLC for ONLY $25/person/week, and both our world, and your work life will never be the same again.

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Grant William “Wild Bill” Shull

Certified Agile Leader (Executive Class) by

CEO, Fitness Interface LLC



Owner Operator,

And Fellow Golf Enthusiast... FOREVER!

Whatever brought you here... 

THANK YOU for taking the time to come...

Because Grant is an awesome, real-life, Certified Agile Leader, and this is an awesome, real-life, bonafide business offer.

Business Transformation FOREVER

Build an Agile Mindset toward Success that Sets Your Dreams Free, Each & Every Day... FOREVER!

Imagine Becoming Agile by Being Agile... in the most delightful way that you possibly can (by finding a way to play a lot more tax-deductible golf in the bargain).

Learn how to: Be The Servant-Leader that You were Always Meant To Be. 

Become The Delightfully Refreshing ICED-T that is YOU.

AND... Your organization will transform around you, just because they can see how much you care. (That’s not just an opinion, or a self-help book hook, that’s what the hard data, the case studies on the raging success of Silicon Valley business practices, and ALL of the HBR articles on Transformational Business Practices say.)

Find the way to Know Your Best Possible WHY, and how to lead with the purpose that is your life to make it work toward the best of all possible worlds with everyone whom you meet, and in everything that you think, and say, and do, each & every day.

Understand why An ATM IS Always Very Convenient when you are on a Never-Ending Quest for Ever-Greater Agility.

Learn how to go BTFI, and be Agile First (AF), each & every day, so that those around you will follow your example of servant-leadership, and learn from each other how to deliver far beyond the ordinary as the team you have always imagined them to be. 

Learn how to eternalize, articulate, and customize the Taxonomy of the automated delivery web of the machines, and platforms that you must put in place right where you work & live, so that you can attract the crowds of the people you will need to make the crazy good stuff that gets you to the next level of success, and then to the next, and then to the next... ad infinitum.

Learn how to make everything that you do Modularized, so that it is easy for everyone involved to quickly change what you make, how you deliver it, and how you measure the delight of your success in supplying it to everyone you care for with the valuable demonstrations of innovation you provide, on a daily basis if necessary.

Learn how to make the creative tasks that you perform automatically Integrated, so that you can not only capitalize on the practice of letting machines do what is easy for machines to do, and people do what is easy (and fun) for people to do, but you can also leverage Kaizen, the art of not doing what needs not be done, toward building the self-optimizing profit streams that you crave. 

Learn how, and why it is absolutely necessary to make becoming evermore Agile your ONLY SOP in all that you do across your entire delivery ecosystem, so that you shall always experience no confusion in the communication of your corporate values to anyone, ever, and you shall always encourage absolute clarity in fulfilling them, in every job, on every task, and at every level of your enterprise, no matter how far into the world you may stretch the delightfully fruitful branches of your shared enterprise. 

Learn how to think, and ACT like a Venture Capitalist from day one, so that you will always be able to both challenge every result with care, and derive the most valuable outcomes possible in every situation, because you have the transparently data-driven dashboards to inform, explain, and defend the decisions you make, each & every day.

Learn what to do in every situation you shall face, and build the Support Network that you will ultimately need to help you remember both why, and how you sought to become Agile in the first place.

In our virtual class sessions together, your coach, and Certified Agile Leader (cf. will guide you, and your fellow agility seekers through the exercises that you need to be able to master to develop the patterns of agility that you desire throughout all of the phases of your life, so that you will be able to become the transformative agent of delight that you have always wanted to be, the refreshing ICED-T of positive change that you were always meant to be, and the promoter of a healthy Agile ethos for living among everyone you meet, wherever you may go.

So… Join the class: Bring the stories of the fears, uncertainties, doubts, and shameful failures that are the source of your day-to-day frustrations along with you; hang them on our virtually unlimited walls of sorrow; and, together, with the help of your cohort, we shall transform them into the bridges to all of the bright & shining tomorrows that you have alway dreamed they could be, progressively, sustainably, and nigh unto… FOREVER! 

Come. Sign up for Business Transformation FOREVER! And let the power of an evergreen Agile Mindset set your dreams free into reality, to be more better, even more better, just a little bit better, each & every day... for as high as you want to carry them, and for as long as you are willing to play. 

SIGN UP for the never-ending class that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, because it will change the way your work... FOREVER!

(And... the $25 per week you spend on your education may help you arrange to play a lot more golf along the way as a bonafide business expense... because its part of the tax-deductible business training that you shall be invited to complete.)

So... subscribe yourself, AND your whole creative team to:

(An Agile Life Adventures Educational Enterprise of Fitness Interface LLC)